ドラマー U


drummer, vocal


Drummer and Singer “U” is from Aoba-Ku, Yokohama. She started dancing when she was 4 years old and playing the drums at the age of 15. She has been playing with various bands and performing for many session works as live, recording, etc. She also works as a singer. As a recent work, she sings only with her own drumming as “Tataki-gatari” style. Her motto is “Drumming like dancing”.


Canopus Neo Vintage NV60-M2 (22,10,12,16), Shirai Keet Acoustic Drums “Nue” Green Beans (20,12,16), Ludwig 60’Jazz festival, Ludwig Blackbeauty, Ludwig 70’LM402, Ludwig 100th LM400, Ludwig LM402K, Ludwig LS403, Rogers 60’Luxor, Gretch 70’4160, Pearl free floating brass 6.5, TAMA Starclassic Maple, A.zildjian shironuki NEW BEAT Hi Hat 14″, SABIAN HHX CLICK HATS 14″, Agean karia medium 14″HH, Turkish Classic Series medium 13″HH, A.zildjian shironuki thin crash 16″× PAiSTe 2002 medium 16″HH, A.zildgian 60’Ride 20″, PAiSTe FORMULA 602 RIDE 20″, Agean karia medium 20″, Istanbul Agop Traditional Original 22″Ride, Agean HushHush 20″Ride, PAiSTe Mellow crash 16″, Agean Legend 17″Crash, Agean karia medium 16″, MEINL Byzance 16″MEDIUM CRASH, Istanbul Agop suspended 18″, SABIAN AA ROCKTAGON 16″, Istanbul Agop Sultan 10″splash, nord drum × Roland PD-31 × Roland KD-7, audio-technica HYP-190H, pioneer SE-20R, FitEar Pro Audio 334, ORB Clear force Ultimate Fitear, ORB JADE stage model J, etc.

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ドラマー U